Tory Lanez – Bodmon Song

Tory Lanez isn’t letting a debut album on a major label slow down his output, as is often the case. Even without having just hit us with a debut album earlier this summer, we’ve heard more than once of a major label stifling an artist’s output, or at least, wanting to wholly monetize it. Nonetheless Tory’s Fargo Friday series is thriving, and is one of the longest-running music series we’ve come across– for real, most of the time a weekly series like this lasts a month or two.

Tory’s latest Fargo Friday release features the production of Play Picasso for “Bodmon Song.” Picasso somehow manages to make Nintendo game noises mesh with an r’n’b vibe, while Tory gives the song a bit of a Jamaican influence thanks to his Patois-inspired cadence (and you could probably guess that from the song title).


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