Busta Rhymes Ft Tory Lanez & Vybz Kartel – Girlfriend

There’s no denying the fact that Busta Rhymes is a legend in the game. While he doesn’t generally get the same level of props as many of the obvious GOAT contenders, the fact remains that Bus-A-Bus has been a mainstay in the game for nearly two decades. Plus, dude has worked with pretty much everybody, a boast which can now include talented new artists like Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Now, after teasing the drop a few days back, Busta’s latest single “Girlfriend” has surfaced online.
The track is clearly a homage to Busta’s Jamaican roots; if the feature from dancehall icon Vybz Kartel didn’t give it away, then Busta’s cadence and patois usage should do the trick. Over a breezy and summer-inspired beat from Rockwilder, Busta showcases some of his oft-imitated flow, pulling it back in favor of a catchy melody. It’s definitely new musical territory from Busta, who seems to have gravitated toward the music of his heritage in his older years, not unlike the curious case of Snoop Lion.
With solid additions from Tory and Vybz, who name drops pretty much all of hip-hop’s most notorious dimes, “Girlfriend” emerges as a simple, fun, and party-friendly single. While Busta die-hards may long for the rapper’s peak years, it’s clear that the man is enjoying the process discovering a new sound, and to be honest, the end result is pretty solid.
Unfortunately, Busta fans will still have a while to wait before the rapper’s next album, which remains in announcement limbo. Still, Tory Lanez has been putting in work, carving out a place in hip-hop’s new wave. In fact, Tory fans should go check out our extensive ranking of his entire mixtape discography. While you do that, be sure to vibe out to the Jamaican flavor courtesy of Rockwilder, Busta, Tory & Vybz.
Listen Below.