5 Things You Should Expect From Cardi B’s New Album

Cardi B’s debut album is landing in April, and expectations are high.

Despite the lineup of proven A listers set to drop in 2018, Cardi B’s debut album may very well emerge as one of the year’s sleeper hits. Her name lures haters like moths to a flame, yet the ubiquity of her presence is vast in scope. The former stripper has lived out the ultimate rags-to-riches story, and her journey from the pole to the Grammys is a classic underdog narrative; for that reason, she has become a champion of the people, who see flashes of themselves in the young Dominican rapper.Cardi’s album is set to drop in April, and you already know it’s going to be one of the year’s biggest releases. The scrutiny and praise shall flow in equal measure, as Cardi has proven to elicit a passionate response from both camps. Doubtless, the haters will check for this one regardless, as they so often do. Yet what about those who are actually looking forward to this?“Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi” have established that Cardi is a charismatic and focused rapper, capable of delivering solid flows and sharp, braggadocious bars. Her featured verses tend to deliver more of the same, and she’s rarely faltered to the point of incompetence. As for her album, the rapper has been working tirelessly, dubbing herself a perfectionist in various interviews. One has to wonder, what is she about to deliver upon us?The hype has been building. Big singles can sometimes prove troublesome, especially to those of us who still value the album as a piece of cohesive artwork. We live in a streaming era, where convoluted tracklists often trump artistic expression. It doesn’t help that her label is Atlantic Records, who seem primarily concerned with the procuration of Santa-sized bags. Perhaps it’s unrealistic to set our expectations for something truly groundbreaking, especially if the powers-that-be are more concerned with milking the Cardi B hype train for all its worth.Yet Cardi has proven to be a layered individual, and her talent behind the mic has earned her the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, it seems fitting to lay our cards on the table. What can we expect from a Cardi B debut album? And more importantly, what do we want?

Sense Of Humor

Cardi B isn’t exactly Slim Shady, but her Instagram come-up and Love & Hip-Hop days have proven that the woman can deliver a joke. Her comedic timing is solid, and she’s never been a stranger to self deprecating humor. Her “For The D” challenge showcased her chops, albeit briefly, and she’s definitely gone on plenty of noteworthy rants. Yet on all her released music thus far, Cardi’s disposition has been far more serious. Sure, she’s working to establish herself as a credible force in the music industry, but it would be nice to see her easy-going personality bleed into her work.

Perhaps it’s because she still feels like she has something to prove, or perhaps she’s simply feeling herself that much. While going in over bangers is cool, it would be refreshing to see Cardi bring some levity to her debut. She’s equally endearing and charming in real life – why try and hide it on wax?

Metro Boomin Production

Metro Boomin had a career defining year in 2017. His bangers were endless, from Gucci Mane’s “Finesse The Plug,” to Migos’ “Bad & Boujee”, to Future’s “Mask Off,” to Offset’s “Ric Flair Drip.” And that’s only scratching the surface. Yet so far, Metro has laid relatively low this year; perhaps the young phenom needed to rest up and re-up the vault. It’s all but guaranteed that he shows up on Cardi’s new album in some capacity, especially given her relationship with Metro’s frequent collaborator Offset.

While Metro is more than capable of coming through with a trap banger, he’s also proven himself to be a versatile musician. Hearing Cardi over an eerie, dark Metro beat would be an interesting departure from her usual turned-up vibe. Something like the aforementioned four Metro joints would do wonders for Cardi’s album; it might even be a prime contender for the inevitable Offset feature.

Minimal Features

This one’s a big ask. It’s obvious that Cardi’s label will be pouring copious money into her project, and with that in mind, an onslaught of features should be expected. We already know Cardi’s debut will be a lightning rod, and what artist wouldn’t want to hop on the train, especially if Atlantic is providing the bag? Still, it would be a shame if Cardi’s debut was bogged down by an oversaturation of featured artists, even if they are some of the game’s bigger names.

If the project has twelve songs, and eight have guest appearances, it will ultimately detract from Cardi’s defining moment. We’ll no doubt be getting Offset, as well as his Migos cohorts. “Bartier Cardi” has already solidified a 21 Savageappearance. Hopefully it doesn’t go any further than that. It seems important that Cardi can prove she’s capable of carrying a project on her shoulders, especially when all signs indicate that she can.

Quality Over Quantity

Is it too much to ask for an album to have twelve songs or fewer? It would appear that labels are more concerned with gaming the system than they are with making an artistic statement. One hopes that Cardi’s debut won’t fall prey to that tradition. She’s among the most prominent young up-and-comers in the game, and by that logic, it wouldn’t be crazy to see her tracklist stretch well into the twenties. Yet, for the sake of cohesiveness, hopefully Cardi can resist the urge and keep things under control.

Due to her close association with Quality Control and Migos, one has to wonder whether Cardi is looking to follow in their footsteps. After all, Culture 2’s streaming numbers are leviathan-esque on paper. Still, the anticipated Migos sequel suffered from excess bloat, despite lining the pockets of all involved parties. Hopefully Cardi can resist the temptation and deliver something concise and memorable; after all, it’s those types of projects that help forge lasting careers.


If Bardi’s two singles are any indication, it would appear we’ll be getting a fair share of braggadocio. And while that’s all well and good, it would be nice to see her develop further on the lyrical front. Sexual bangers and stunting anthems may very well be inevitable, yet hopefully they’re kept to a minimum. Cardi has always claimed to be a regular girl from the Bronx, and seeing that side of her emerge would be a welcome addition to the album.

For example, it would be nice to hear Cardi open up about her personal life (aside from Offset), perhaps rapping about her childhood and family.  In short, a picture of the woman behind all the trappings of fame. Cardi actually posted a snippet on her Instagram live, which seems to hint at a little bit of that versatility we’re looking for. Dubbed by the user as a “Dreams And Nightmares Stripper Anthem”, Cardi seems reflective and honest in what sounds like a potential intro track.

Cardi said
“I was covered in dollars now im dripping in jewels” pic.twitter.com/HxGVCgkkIY