Soulja Boy – Big Soulja (Full Mixtape)

Download the new 12-track mixtape from Soulja Boy called “Big Soulja.” Now that the highly anticipated boxing match with Chris Brownis reportedly off, Soulja Boyis concentrating back on his music. With little warning, the SODMG rapper decides to come through today & drop off a new mixtape calledBig Soulja. The follow up to King Soulja […]

Soulja Boy – Stop Playing With Me

Soulja Boyhas attracted a lot of beef over the past few weeks. He’s even managed to antagonize people in the hood. While he makes headlines almost every day like it’s his side job, the Mississippi rapper also crafts some diss tracks once in a while. Monday he released a catchy new anthem aimed at Mike […]

Soulja Boy – Hit Em With The Draco

Soulja Boy has announced his intention to“shake hands and be friends”with Chris Brown following their boxing bout later this year. But until then, he’s giving no quarter. Soulja took shots at Brown and 50 Cent in his self-produced diss track“Hit Em With the Draco”released on Sunday. “Aye 50 Cent what you talking about?”Soulja says in […]

Soulja Boy & Sean Kingston – Trial

[Press Kit] Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston have both found their names in the headlines for various beefs over the last few months, but they’re putting the drama aside for a new collaboration called“Trial.”Off King Soulja 7, DeAndre Way’s fourth project of 2016,“Trial”serves as the closing track, with both artists opting for glossy auto-tuned vocals […]

[Audio] Soulja Boy – Whole Lot Of Money

[Description] Soulja Boy speaks plainly, no one can deny that, as he tells it like it is anytime anyone tries to check him. Each time he is targeted, Soulja Boy will boast about his networth. With“Whole Lot Of Money,”Soulja Boy just offered the info up without even having to be dissed. Listen to“Whole Lot Of […]

[Audio] Soulja Boy – I Got The Sauce

[Description] Soulja Boy is dealing with a weapons case right now, but isn’t letting that stop him from releasing new music as he serves up his latest effort “I Got That Sauce.” Listen below and expect King Soulja 7to arrive soon. I’ve also included a remix of“Black Beatles”and another single titled “Bankroll.” Listen To I Got The Sauce […]

[Audio] Soulja Boy – Ready 4 War

[Description] Soulja Boy must be putting a little something extra in his double cups as of lately because the SODMG rapper has been on one the past week or so and at the center of couple beefs&controversy’s, including Southside, Lil Yachty, and most notably actor-turned-freestyler Shia LaBeouf yesterday. Well now, Soulja Boy is putting his […]

[Audio] Soulja Boy – Beef (Quavo Diss)

[Description] This evening, Soulja Boy posted a new song called“Beef”on his Soundcloud account. And it only took seconds to realize whom the diss track was targeted it at. “Aye Quavo you a bitch nigga/Yea nigga I introduced you to Sean Kingston, nigga/I introduced you to Travis Scott, nigga,” SB raps. “What you forgot?/Quavo, Quavo, Quavo […]